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Supply & Demand

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The Supply & Demand Trade Analyzer is designed to help you trade with efficiency and accuracy. Its unique Trend Tracker shows a green or red ribbon below the chart based on market conditions, providing the trader with real-time trends to make buy or sell decisions.

In addition to its Trend Tracker, its Zone Finder automatically plots quality supply and demand zones in high probability buy/sell ranges.

Live Trading


The best way to learn is through mentorship in a community of like-minded traders and investors. In our program, we work with small groups of people, teaching them our methodology and trading with them in live markets. This provides our members with the tools and skill necessary to properly access and navigate tin real-time. 

What are our members saying?
Krissan Thomas
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I have been working with NYTC for a couple months now , and without a doubt I can say I have learned a lot and also achieved one of my main trading goals to pass a funded account. I was impressed by their commitment to go the extra mile to help their students achieve their trading goals . Thank you NYTC and I hope to have many more achievements. Thank you for being patient and ready to help.
B. Hines
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If you want to learn the CORRECT WAY, to trade the market, these people have it together. No games, great support and awesome community. Enrolling with NYTC has changed my life for me and my family. Thank you
S. Griffith
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This trading academy has been like none other! from the instructors to the students. It is really a community filled with positive influencers and successful outcomes! It is well worth the money and has been an amazing experience. Do not hesitate to invest!
Ron F.
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The trading system they provide is great and very easy to learn.
R. Essel
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The NYTC is a very supportive group of professionals. They give you a plan and various perspectives that build knowledge and helps with confidence understanding the market.
Y. Dorminvil
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The program is very helpful, I’ve learned a lot. Now I feel more confident to place trades on my own. I still have more to learn. Thank you for your patience and your kindness .
M. Salim
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I really like the live trading, and the people there are very nice. They constantly keep us updated whenever there’s a change in the market. Very helpful!
S. Khan
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This is the real deal. I have wasted so much money on trading school etc. The NYTC team are very attentive and ready to help. There is never a stupid question for them and I feel comfortable asking them any question about trading and the psychology behind it.

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